Helen Abbott (61, WC1)

“When I first began working with Martin, I was an asthmatic 60 year old who had never done any kind of  sport or formal exercise.  Following an initial fitness assessment carried out at the YMCA, I was horrified (but not altogether surprised) to find that I was “over” on all the crucial body composition measurements.

Martin started me off on a programme of strength and resistance training, alongside cardio intervals. He also gave me invaluable nutritional advice which has set me well on the track to healthy eating without totally compromising my hedonistic lifestyle!

After only 10 weeks working with Martin, I was delighted to find that I have achieved a 4.6% reduction in percentage body fat, and normalised my BMI, without losing so much as an ounce of muscle. In addition to this, I have seen considerable progress in building up my strength. On a personal level,  Martin’s support and encouragement has been invaluable in motivating me to pursue and achieve my fitness goals, and to build on them in the future.” 

Here is Helen back in July 2013 and a year later



Ghyl Lebentz (32, Hampstead)

“My level of fitness was far poorer than I had thought. It was en eye opener at the first session when Martin weighed me and measured my body fat, I couldn’t even do one push up. After just 2 months my stamina had greatly improved and I could see weight loss and muscle definition. A year on and I’m still training 3 times a week with Martin. My body shape has completely changed, I feel so strong and fit and love looking in the mirror! The most important change was no longer worrying about being overweight, emphasis is on feeling great and being happy and achieving body confidence. The sessions are always varied and Martin is full of motivational advice, he tailors his way of working with each individual to get the best results”  (Editor of fashionfiltered.com)

Here is Ghyl back in September 2013 and 11 months later


Rhiannon Atkins (26, Tooting)

‘I started working out with Martin in Feb 2014 when I was incredibly unfit and hadn’t done much exercise in years. I didn’t have very much confidence in my abilities as an athlete or my ability to lose weight, gain muscle and commit to a healthier lifestyle. All of that changed when I started working with Martin- he encouraged me, showed me exercises that I could use when I was working out at the gym by myself and gave me loads of nutrition advice. Over the past year I lost 25kg (over 3 and a half stone) and have burnt a lot of fat. I still want to continue on my journey to lose more weight and maintain my gained muscle and can still rely on Martin to give me advice and training sessions when I lose my way or get dis-heartened. I couldn’t recommend training with Martin more. I am wholly happier, fitter and healthier. Thank you Martin!’

Here is Rhiannon back in February 2014 and 10 months later



Jason Underhill, Film Producer (Dulwich)

“Martin was a personal trainer for me and my business partner for several months during which time he was of great help in setting goals and rapidly improving our fitness and core strength.Martin has excellent and up-to-date body conditioning knowledge, including nutritional science. He applied his understanding in interesting and balanced sessions and is both encouraging and attentive.Martin is organised and keeps good and accurate records and is adept with all the assisting technologies such as gym-aid apps and electronic nutrition diaries.I highly recommend him.”

Nicole (29, Hackney)

“I was training for a half marathon and wanted some assistance to ensure that I would be ready for my race date. I had regular sessions with Martin in my local park, and we concentrated on increasing my endurance. I cannot recommend Martin highly enough. He’s a really nice guy, I genuinely look forward to our training sessions.”

Jessica (34, Hampstead)

“I was a little apprehensive about getting a personal trainer, but Martin instantly made me feel comfortable. We talked through my targets, and discussed how best to achieve them within my timeframe. Martin is helped me to lose the body fat that i had been trying to lose myself for a long time! Thanks Martin!”

Jonathan (Clerkenwell)

“Thank you for your time today at the YMCA. I really enjoyed the session and it was worth every penny”

Daniel (SE5)

“Martin is a powerful motivated coach – with extensive knowledge and innovative ideas to make each session different, challenging and above all fun!”

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