I am so confident that you will see improvement in your goals over 10 / 20 sessions that I am willing to guarantee this, or your money back!*


What are you waiting for!

Coaching with Martin costs as little as £45 per session. Contact Martin to book your free, no obligation consultation to discuss your exercise history and a potential action plan.

* subject to participants following all the advice given in order to achieve the goal.

Why use me?

- Everybody benefits from a trainer - even the top athletes in world use trainers!

- Optimize your workout time by delivering effective sessions tailored to your goals

- To ensure proper exercise form/technique/safety

- Accurate Assessment of progress

- Accountability

- Motivation - pushing you beyond your comfort zone whilst staying within your limits

- Personalisation

- Variety

- Convenience

I specialise in:

- Muscle and Strength Gains

- Body Fat Loss

- Improving athletic performance

- Post Rehab and Prehab for injuries

- Improving Flexibility with Assisted Stretching

- Effective nutrition for body fat loss / strength and muscle gains