Martin is a highly experienced personal trainer with a passion for getting people results.

With a proven track record in helping his clients burn fat, build muscle and improve their fitness, Martin will:

1.     Meet you for a “no cost, no obligation” consultation to find out what you want and how you want it!

2.    Conduct non evasive body composition and fitness testing to help define your goals and track your progress.

3.     Design and deliver a bespoke fitness programme supported with nutritional guidance to suit your lifestyle (with the goal of achieving this in the quickest time possible.)

“Hi!, thank you for visiting my site, Personal Training is a very rewarding job and I love helping people become more confident in their appearance, and more powerful in their performance!  

For the past 6 years I’ve trained clients ranging from busy CEOs, international students, architects, film makers, freelancers, stage actors and seniors. I am genuinely passionate about strength and conditioning and it is my goal to make you the leanest, strongest, fittest, most knowledgeable you!

Outside of my own training I enjoy researching the art and science of fitness and nutrition as well as looking into improving my own communication and people skills. I also enjoy cycling, travel, photography and DJing.

It is my belief that effective communication and listening skills are paramount to the client-trainer relationship. If you’re looking for drill sergeant, then look elsewhere! – I’m firm, but fair and will push you if you are physically capable. It is my goal to educate my clients to train smarter, not harder and to make you as self sufficient as possible.

Let me know if you have any questions”


Martin is fully qualified to train clients on an individual basis and in groups, both inside and outside of a gym environment. He completed his qualifications in London, achieving the YMCA advanced diploma in personal training. Martin also has additional certificates in strength and conditioning, high intensity training, suspension fitness, pad work, animal flow, exercise for older adults, psychology and motivation of exercise and emergency first aid.

Martin mostly works in-house as a personal trainer at the world’s first YMCA on Tottenham Court Road, assisting clients to achieve their specific fitness goals, and providing general advice to gym members on how to improve their exercise technique. Martin is available for training sessions at the YMCA and also externally, at a venue to suit you.

Coaching with Martin costs as little as £45 per session. Contact Martin to book your free, no obligation consultation to discuss your exercise history and a potential action plan.